Monica is a Mexican-British photographer whose work engages with the way we read and integrate images and information, at a time when information and its context changes at such a rapid pace. Her work examines the relationship between context, interconnection and conclusion. It draws attention to how much we all need to develop a more ‘curatorial gaze’.

She aims for viewers to participate within the ideas she presents to them. For her, the more we embrace the non-linear and the ambiguous as an integral part of our daily information feed, the more we can understand the highly complex web of threads behind some of the issues that we face today. She invites an audience to look at what appears as disconnected or even contradictory, with a discerning eye.

A former charity campaigner, Monica currently works on independent research projects and for NGOs in England and abroad. 

In 2014 Monica was awarded an MA in Documentary Photography from London College of Communication, as well as a Mead Fellowship from University of the Arts London. 


Monica has produced installation work and photobooks that have been exhibited and collected within the UK and internationally. 

She is currently promoting her handcrafted limited edition photobook on Mexico. 'Your Photographs Could Be Used By Drug Dealers'.

If you are interested in Monica's work she is represented by Made in Arts London. Visit MiAL here.

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